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PieperMayor Jeff Pieper
On April 13, 2020, the City Council selected Jeff Pieper to serve as the Mayor of Rolling Hills.  Mayor Pieper is in his second term on the City Council.  Mayor Pieper was elected to the City Council in March 2013 and served as the Mayor of Rolling Hills in 2015.

MirschA message from Councilmember Leah Mirsch as Mayor of Rolling Hills from April 2019 - April 2020

Welcome to the city’s new website, and thank you for viewing "The Mayor’s Corner" page.  This platform provides a new opportunity to share information with you, and I’d like to use this inaugural posting to talk about the city’s COVID- 19 response and continuing support to our residents. 
Your City Councilmembers and staff understand this unprecedented event is posing challenges of varying degrees for all of us. Concerns about protecting ourselves and loved ones from the virus, coping with the restrictions placed on our normal activities, worries related to immediate and long-term financial implications and the uncertainty about so many issues are on all of our minds. It’s understandable that there is anxiety, and everyone is seeking information and the assurance that appropriate actions are taken by those in positions to make decisions on your behalf.  The need for civic leaders to provide information and support has never been greater.

In that vein, first and foremost, I want to assure you that Rolling Hills remains "Open for Business" to provide residents the services they require.  Even though our City Hall is closed to the public – as are all other city halls in the area - our dedicated staff is available to assist you via phone and email.  Appointments can be arranged if a face-to-face meeting is required, and all social distancing and sanitizing protocols will be followed to protect you and our staff.

The city continues to process applications for construction projects and to provide all other normal services.. To manage issues that are not directly under our control we are working closely with state and local officials, as well as external service providers like the County Sheriff, Fire, Health and Building Departments, SCE, California Water Service, and Allied Waste, among others. We are collaborating with other cities on the peninsula to share resources and successful strategies.  Although current orders have necessitated City Council meetings be held electronically, we continue to meet - even more frequently than normal– and  remain focused on making sound and informed decisions in the best interests of the community, protecting your health and safety, listening to your input, being vigilant stewards of your public funds and ensuring the provision of needed services.

In summary, we are positioned to handle this crisis.   We will do what is necessary  to keep things functioning as normally as possible and to maintain and nurture all that we value and enjoy about our special  city.

We need to work together to manage through these unprecedented times and challenges. Each of us must do our part, and I am gratified to see so many complying with all of the orders and recommendations aimed at protecting ourselves and others from the virus and to mitigate its impact. I know everyone is looking for that "light at the end of the tunnel".  I have no idea about when that might be, but I would suggest there are lights within the tunnel.  The lights to which I refer are the things that continue to be available, for example:

  • Clean, safe water. Both the CDC and the EPA have confirmed tap water is safe to drink and  COVID-19 has not been detected in the water
  • Utilities including electricity, phone, cable, internet, are all functioning. This enables remote capabilities to communicate, conduct business, obtain information, access entertainment, and feel like we’re still connected to each other.
  • First responders – Fire and Sheriffs are on the job for our protection
  • Health care workers – putting their lives on the line for us
  • Grocery/drug producers, distributors and retailers– we may not be able to get everything we want, when we want it, but amazing work is being done to provide us with food, medicine, basic supplies and other necessities.
  • Trash Service – Republic Services continues to provide full service to us, 2 times per week
  • Gate Attendants – Thanks to the RHCA and their staff our gates are staffed and operational.
There’s more, but you get the idea.  I think it’s also important to recognize that if this crisis was due to a natural disaster like earthquake or fire, many of those services might not be available. So let’s be thankful for what we do have, amid all the focus on what we don’t have.

Speaking of being thankful, I would like to thank some segments of our community. Each of these groups in their own way is working hard to help combat the virus and/or help cope with its impact on our daily lives. In no certain order I thank our city staff, the dozens of physicians and other health care professionals that live in our city, our residents that own or manage small and large business, the RHCA  Board of Directors and staff,  and our Block Captains.  In partnership with the city and RHCA our community service organizations (Women’s Club, Caballeros, Needs of Seniors, Block Captains, Tennis club) are doing wonderful  work to provide delivery of food and supplies –along with friendly reach-out calls - to seniors and others asking for assistance, or providing virtual events (think Virtual Easter Egg Hunt)  for children, to mention  a few.

As my term as your mayor comes to an end, I encourage you to take the opportunity to enjoy, appreciate, or maybe re-discover what is wonderful about life in Rolling Hills. We are so fortunate to have the luxury of open spaces, trails, incredible natural beauty, tranquility and sense of community – all of which are here for us during these challenging times.  When  my husband, Lon, and I are out running on Crest in the mornings it is wonderful to see neighbors running, walking (often with their dogs), riding their horses,  or just sitting at one of our beautiful view locations (observing personal distancing, of course). The friendly hellos and expressions of "isn’t this beautiful", or "aren’t we fortunate to have this wonderful place" never get old. And now, more than ever, provide a feeling of connection and normalcy.
I hope you will continue to visit our website for valuable current COVID-19 information and resources. Please reach out to me and any of your other councilmembers with questions, concerns or comments. Our contact information is listed on the website.

In closing, I join with my fellow councilmembers and staff in wishing you and yours continued good health. We all hope this pandemic is controlled quickly and we are able to  return to normal soon. Until that time, take good care of yourselves and please continue to follow all of the guidelines to protect yourselves and others.

Stay well.


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