Development and Planning

How do I contact the Los Angeles County Building and Safety Department?

How do I contact Willdan Associates?

What is RAS-1 & RAS-2?

What are the permitted uses in RAS-1 & RAS-2 zones?

What are the required setbacks in the RAS-1 & RAS-2 zones?

What is Structural Lot Coverage?

What is Total Lot Coverage?

What is Net Lot Area?

What is a Building Pad?

What is a Setback?

What is Grading?

What is a Variance?

What is a Conditional Use Permit?

What accessory uses and structures are permitted?

What is Discretionary Review?

What is a Site Plan Review?

When is a site plan review required?

What uses require CUP?

What can be approved administratively, over-the-counter?

When is a soils and geology report required?

When is undergrounding of utilities required?

What is the permitted building height?

What type of roof is permitted?

Is a stable and corral required?

What is the minimum required size of stable and corral?

What is the minimum required Residential Building Pad size?

What is the minimum size home that can be built?

What is the maximum size home that can be built?

Where is a copy of Zoning and Building Regulations?

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