Important Information for Residents

How Do I Comply with The Annual Brush Clearance Inspection Program?

 Making and Keeping a Fire Safe Home Site the specific requirements regarding defensible space. 
Checklist of Actions”  a list of activities to comply with fire department regulations.  Note: This checklist is available in  Spanish: "Lista de Acciones".

What guidelines are available for residents to manage vegetation and reduce potential damage from wildfires?
Three (3) guides are available to answer “why, what and when” actions are necessary.

  1. Making and Keeping a Fire Safe Home Site – the specific requirements regarding defensible space. 
  2. Creating Fire Safe Canyons – the steps to manage canyons on a property and three strategies for doing so.
  3. Best Practices for Fuel Management - how to refine fuel treatments to increase aesthetics and environmental sensitivity.

How do I sign up for Notify Me and Southbay Alert?

Sign up for “Notify Me” to receive notifications on activities in and around the City of Rolling Hills and on special and regularly scheduled public meetings.

Southbay Regional Alert System provides mass notification services.  Messages will be sent via voice, text or email methods.  The system sends alerts about imminent threats to health and safety or informational notifications.  Create an account by accessing Southbay Alert.

What is the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)?
The residents of Rolling Hills, the City of Rolling Hills, Rolling Hills Community Association (RHCA), Los Angeles County Fire Department and Los Angeles County Sheriff Department worked together throughout 2019 to formulate a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) for the City.

The CWPP is an action plan, not a set of rules, to implement specific wildfire mitigation measures to address the community’s greatest risks.  Residents were offered to voice their opinions on wildfire threats to lives, homes and community and were encouraged to participate in the Wildfire Mitigation Survey in October 2019.  The results of the survey are available Wildfire Mitigation Survey.

The CWPP is  a plan and is intended to be dynamic.  It can and will change.  It begins with the tool box of mitigation measures identified for Rolling Hills including potential evacuation scenarios.  Many mitigation strategies were recommended and prioritized by Carol Rice, Fire Fuel Consultant, with the highest values being placed on:

  1.  life safety;
  2.  structural protection;
  3.  natural resources and habitat. 

 The proposed projects include the timeline and spans for the next three fiscal years.  It concludes with a schedule for periodic evaluation of the effectiveness of actions performed and updates to the plan.  Review the latest version of the Community Wildfire Protection Plan.

How Do I Get More Information on the Block Captain Program?

Learn more about the Block Captain Program.

List of Protected Species under the Natural Communities Conservation Plan in RPV:

Click here to see the short list of protected species: Native Plants & Wildlife

City of Rolling Hills list of Native and Non-native Wildlife and Vegetation:

Click here to see the list: List for wildlife and vegetation

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